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Prestigious funding award drives DAS solution partnership

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Prestigious funding award drives DAS solution partnership

The academic excellence powering TTG Driver Advice System (DAS) solution has been recognised with new funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC).

The prestigious ARC grant locks in three more years of investment into the innovative work done by the TTG R&D team alongside academics at the University of South Australia (UniSA), a global leader in optimal train performance research.

Our partnership with UniSA continues to go from strength to strength, building upon 30 years of academic research underpinning the TTG Energymiser DAS system which is part of the TTG’s suite of rail solutions.

TTG Energymiser was originally developed by Associate Professor of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Peter Pudney, and the Scheduling and Control Group at UniSA. Joining the TTG’s team opened an exciting new chapter in its evolution, as we create a bright future for rail travel and sustainable mobility across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Supporting your sustainability targets

So what are the benefits of introducing the DAS solution within your business?

It’s an opportunity to set new standards for efficiency and precision, as your network harnesses the power of a recognised global leader in the development and delivery of real-time traffic management optimisation.

TTG’s DAS solution has been developed to reduce your carbon emissions and support you in achieving the sustainability and decarbonisation outcomes that are at the heart of your operation.

By providing data-optimised advice to drivers, the performance variations in energy consumption can be standardised across your network. This will reduce your emissions and energy use while extending the life of your assets and reducing maintenance costs.

Rail operators worldwide rely on our DAS solution to solve key challenges in smart and sustainable ways, delivering further competitive advantages in connectivity, operational excellence, and safety.

We’re delighted to have been awarded the ARC grant, which highlights the vital importance of meaningful, long-term collaboration between industry and academia to maximise the potential of technology solutions and their application in real world settings.

Want to know more? Download the TTG Energymiser Solution brochure here or reach out to our team of experts here.

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