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Intelligent energy
for trains

Reduce costs, improve
safety and performance

TTG technology provides real-time driving advice for any train including diesel, electric, high-speed, light rail, freight, and heavy haul. As well as keeping trains running on time, our solutions reduce the energy used on each journey through optimised braking and acceleration.  

TTG Energymiser® is a recognised global leader in the development and delivery of Connected Driving Advice Systems (C-DAS) and real-time traffic management optimisation.

Smart, sustainable solutions

Our DAS and C-DAS technology is used worldwide to reduce rail operators’ carbon emissions, cut operating costs, and improve on-time running.


Improve on-time running while reducing your fuel costs and carbon emissions.


Expect more from your trains. C-DAS integrates with your digital systems to connect your network.

Proven globally

TTG Energymiser is proven as an effective technology. Find out how TTG is working with the Rail Industry.

Rail Operators
Train & Driver Applications
Kilometres of track

Train performance research

The algorithm at the heart of our DAS technology is a physics-based solution using the optimal speed profile methodology.

TTG Energymiser was developed at the University of South Australia by Professor of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Peter Pudney, working with TTG founder, Dale Coleman. This ongoing industry partnership builds upon 30 years of academic research.

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