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Provides detailed driving advice statistics and reporting insights into driver journeys.

A TTG Energymiser® module, MyDAS provides driving performance reports via a web application that is accessible on multiple platforms.

Rail Driving Insights with MyDAS

A TTG Energymiser® module, MyDAS provides driving performance reports via a web application that is accessible on multiple platforms. It provides individual driver and team performance for any kind of train (e.g., passenger, freight, light rail, high-speed and heavy haul) and traction type – including diesel, electric, hydrogen and battery.

MyDAS reinforces good driving behaviour and provides drivers with intelligence to make accurate and consistent driving decisions on future trips – making trains run on time while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Driver statistics and targets

MyDAS provides detailed statistics on every trip a driver undertakes, including total trip time, speed limit compliance, and timing at scheduled stops. Other information includes how much energy and carbon emissions have been reduced on individual trips, and details on how often driving advice was followed.  Drivers can compare statistics against other routes they have driven and previous trips on the same route. Drivers can also provide feedback and journey notes so that external factors can be assessed and potentially used to improve future runs.

Incentivise train drivers

MyDAS provides a verifiable and auditable trail of train journey performance that can be used to financially incentivise drivers to follow driving advice. This provides both the rail operator and driver with quantifiable data which can be used to calculate bonus payments. This reinforces positive driver behaviour, increases advice adherence, and can lead to significant cost savings due to decreased energy consumption.

Help drivers prepare for the next trip

MyDAS provides drivers with historical information for their upcoming trips and with real-time statistics on driving advice adherence and energy savings, giving drivers insights on train performance and expectations. This gives a driver guidance of the driving style required to complete an optimal trip, which can be linked to incentives.

Gain valuable driving insights with business intelligence

Measure, monitor, benchmark and manage performance with web-based reporting over time using MicroStrategy BI. Drivers can view their shift statistics and compare them with other drivers and shifts (anonymised data) to measure performance using gamification.

View interactive reports and insights such as driver scores, journey logs and energy trends from individual services, locomotives, routes, and drivers. MyDAS can also integrate with other business intelligence systems to optimise operations further and produce additional reporting, e.g., carbon emissions reductions.

Product Features

Junction Optimisation

Timetable Adjustments

Real Time Data

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