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Driving advice system (DAS)

TTG technology creates a competitive advantage for rail businesses

This single solution supports multiple operational and decarbonisation outcomes by improving on-time running, lowering emissions, and cutting fuel costs.

Expect more from your trains with TTG’s Driving Advice System

Driver efficiency levels can vary widely depending on the type of rolling stock, the nature of the journey and the level of driving experience. This has implications for energy consumption, right-time-running and the maintenance status of the train. DAS technology resolves this by providing optimal in-cab driving advice for every route, train configuration and train journey.

The closer drivers follow the driving advice, the more optimal a journey becomes. Rail operators are far more likely to meet train schedules, reduce energy costs whether diesel or electric and deliver against sustainability targets by decreasing carbon emissions

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Reduce carbon

Real-time driving advice decreases energy use, saves money, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions which helps your rail organisation meet its decarbonisation targets. TTG delivers performance and sustainability improvements to leading railways and manufacturers, including SNCF (France), KiwiRail (New Zealand), and First Group, Arriva, Abellio and rail operators run directly be the UK Government (United Kingdom).

Fuel efficient

Energy use can be half of a locomotive’s lifetime operating cost and can vary significantly between drivers. Optimal driving modes increase efficiencies and reduce costs. It has achieved over 10% energy savings for passenger and coal trains in the United Kingdom, 9% for heavy-haul iron ore trains in Africa, and over 10% for freight trains in Australia, the United Kingdom and India.

Extended asset

Achieve better rail asset use and improve operations. TTG solutions optimise rail trips, ensuring the most efficient stop-to-stop travel. Providing optimal driving advice helps extend the life of rail assets by reducing wear and tear on trains and tracks. This in turn minimises the maintenance costs caused by braking and overspeeding, which are factors that significantly affect equipment lifespan.

Optimised junction

TTG’s solutions boost rail network capacity and performance by improving on-time running to critical timing point locations such as junctions and passing loops. This is especially important for complex and congested networks with a mix of passenger and freight services. Simulation studies, trials and proof of concepts can be undertaken before our solution is adopted.

Driver insights

Detailed route statistics and journey reports are available for individual drivers and entire teams offering accurate and consistent driving decisions on future trips. This can be invaluable for driver training or when switching to new rolling stock types or new routes. Statistics include total trip time, speed limit compliance, and dwell times at scheduled stops.

for rail

TTG’s technology can be easily retrofitted and does not involve extensive configuration or large-scale capital investment. It has been used on railways in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, South-East Asia, Africa, and the USA. Depending on the rail operation, the payback period is approximately one to three years - a fast return on investment.