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DAS driven by academic research

Award winning TTG rail technology developed in Australia

The University of South Australia’s academic excellence powers the TTG Driving Advice System, which is used by rail operators worldwide.

Train performance research

Innovative work by UniSA academics and TTG R&D team

The TTG Energymiser algorithm at the heart of TTG’s DAS solution was developed by Professor of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Peter Pudney, and the Scheduling and Control Group at UniSA working with TTG founder Dale Coleman. UniSA is the established global leader in train performance research.

Our unique partnership with UniSA goes from strength to strength, building upon 30 years of academic research to deliver a physics-based solution using the optimal speed profile methodology. The TTG DAS considers a broader set of variables than more basic systems, generating an optimal train driving profile that outperforms other providers.

Recognising excellence

Prestigious funding grants and award wins

In 2023 the Australian Research Council supported our DAS partnership’s academic excellence with a new funding award, locking in future investment for our innovative collaboration. The value of this research has also been recognised by the Commonwealth Government’s Innovations Connections Grant which helps growth sector businesses seeking to develop concepts with commercial potential.

The system, and the research behind it, has been honoured with an Australian Export Award, a Premier’s NSW Export Award, and an Australian Rail Industry Award.

Expert mathematics

Longest-running industry collaboration in UniSA history

“It’s been really rewarding to work on a project continuously for the last quarter of a century, overcoming a never-ending stream of interesting challenges. The next phase of our research will focus on how we match our energy use to the available supply of renewables. It’s going to be an exciting time” – Professor Peter Pudney.

“I happened to be passionate about rail efficiency and the opportunities for energy efficiency a long time ago myself, and we partnered with UniSA on the mathematics that would allow that to be realised” – TTG founder Dale Coleman.